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T5100 100Mhz 10:1 oscilloscope probe set

T5100 100Mhz 10:1 oscilloscope probe set

SKU: T5100

T5100 100Mhz 10:1 oscilloscope probe set


The universal oscilloscope probe 10:1 with 100MHz bandwidth is used with oscilloscopes from all manufacturers , equipped with the standard BNC connector. This oscilloscope probe is an electric component that connects circuit-under-test and oscilloscope input.

Adopting completely new material, this oscilloscope probe is of high quality. Besides, superior material and high technology enhance its hand feel and strengthen its structure. Smooth surface is comfortable to use. In addition, this probe adopts injection molding style ground wire for prolonging its service life and ensuring reliable contact.


  • Color: As shown
  • Attenuation Ratio: 10:1
  • Input resistance of 10 megohms 
  • Input capacitance: 10×
  • Compensation range : 8 pF - 35 pF
  • Bandwidth: 100 MHz 
  • Rise Time: 3.5ns 
  • Maximum operating voltage : 600V


Package Content:
2 X Probe
2 X Protective Cap
4 x Color ring
1 x Regulating Rod
1 x User Manual

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