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RDS1021 25MHz Pen PC Oscilloscope

RDS1021 25MHz Pen PC Oscilloscope

SKU: RDS1021

OWON RDS1021 25MHz Pen-Type PC Oscilloscope

Featuring USB isolation while being powering via the USB port, supports floating measurements (isolation voltage up to 1000V).



  • 25MHz bandwidth
  • 100MS/s sample rate
  • 5K record length
  • FFT function
  • Multi- action mode via creative trackball
  • Multi- trigger option: edge, slope, and pulse
  • 5mV micro signals supported
  • USB bus powered, and optional USB isolation
  • Highly portable compact design


See Datasheet



  • RDS1021 PEN Oscilloscope
  • Quickstart guide
  • USB cable
  • Grounding Clamp
  • Protection Cover
  • USB Flash Disk


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