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B35T+ Bluetooth Multimeter with data logging and True RMS

B35T+ Bluetooth Multimeter with data logging and True RMS

SKU: B35T+

The B35T is an economical multifunction 3 5/6 digit multimeter, datalogger, and temperature meter that offers true RMS reading and Bluetooth (Android + iOS) connectivity for remote measurements. More accurate than 3 ¾ digit meters, the B35T has a large (2.5” x 2.1”) backlit display for easy reading, with an analog bar that gives a visual indication of readings. The smart power-off function extends the battery life.  The temperature measurement functionality uses a K-type thermocouple (provided). The built-in tilt stand making bench use easy.

Operational ranges include:


  • DC voltage (60mV – 1000V)
  • AC voltage (60mV – 750V)
  • DC current (60uA – 20A)
  • AC current (600uA to 20A)
  • resistance (600 ohm to 60 Mohm)
  • capacitance (40nF to 4000uF)
  • frequency (9.999Hz to 9.999MHz)
  • percentage duty cycle
  • temperature (-100degC to +400degC)
  • diode test, continuity (buzzer)
  • transistor test (hFE)


Data can be displayed as live, hold, min/max, or relative (to a stored reference value).


The B35T+ multimeter supports communications with Android and iOS smart devices through Bluetooth with a free app, the B35T+ can send measurements within 10 Metres / 30 feet, perform remote control, view trend graphs, etc. The recorded data also can be saved as a .CSV file, and more than one meter can be connect at the same time. This setup can provide an audible output of the readings through your smart devices text-to-speech (TTS) feature.  The app can conveniently display a data trend graph and data table together.  


The B35T+ multimeter is supplied with test leads, a multifunction test socket, a user manual and a K-type thermocouple. Applications include: electronic circuit debug and test, education and training, and automobile maintenance.  Compact and lightweight in an attractive case with a built-in tilt stand, the B35T+ is ideal for any tool kit.

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