Dual-channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Product Series : AG Series

Main Features

- Advanced DDS technology, max 25MHz frequency output
- Up to 250MS/s sample rate, and 1μHz frequency resolution
- Vertical Resolution : 14 bits, up to 1M arb waveform length
- Comprehensive waveform output :
   5 basic waveforms, and 45 built-in arbitrary waveforms

- Comprehensive modulation functions :
   AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM, Sweep, and Burst

- High-accuracy frequency counter integrated,
   supported range 100mHz - 25MHz

- Supported SCPI
- 4 inch high resolution (480 × 320 pixels) TFT LCD display

AG1022F 25Mhz Dual-channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator

SKU: AG1022F